How to check identity documents on authenticity

In this enhanced security document course you will be trained to recognize basic security elements of secured documents. Participants will be given an insight in the paper making process of secured documents. They can recognize different printing techniques as well as the use and recognition of different inks. We bring knowledge to different security features and the way to check them. Furthermore participants will be trained to recognize look a- like fraud. This document course is on police / immigration level 1.


  • Light sources
  • Substrates and additions
  • Printing and personalization techniques
  • Security features / protections
  • Inks
  • How to check a document
  • Profiling

Target Group

  • Front-office employees
  • Back-office employees


  • How to check documents on authenticity
  • How to respond adequately to deviations
  • What are the techniques used in documents
  • What are the consequences of identity fraud

The duration of the training is 3 days.

Date & Time
Please select your preferred date & time during registration.

Dutch / English

USD 805,- p.p.

All participants receive a certificate.