Compliance & Integrity

Compliance could simply mean, “to abide regulations and policies”. However, is it always correct to abide rules if it seems unethical? The training Compliance & Integrity focusses on ensuring that an organization operates within the borders of the law and maintains their ethical values. This course is designed to guide you on a better understanding on whether actions are being fair and honest within an organization.


  • Compliance & integrity
  • Culture and behavior
  • Code of conduct
  • Rules of conduct
  • Conflict of interest

Target Group

  • Compliance Officers
  • Reporting Officers
  • Board members
  • Business Owners
  • Employees


  • Why integrity is of importance for compliance
  • The influence of behavior and culture
  • The codes of conduct
  • The rules of conduct
  • What are conflicts of interest

The duration of the training is 4 hours.

Date & Time
Please select your preferred date & time during registration.

Dutch / English

USD 245,- p.p.

All participants receive a certificate.