Compliance Services

CICC delivers a suite of compliance services tailored to your needs. Complying with regulations can be daunting. That’s where our team comes in. We are here to help you keep up with the complexities of regulations and the risks and consequences of non-compliance. See the links below for a detailed explanation of our compliance services.

Our company is specialized in implementing procedures and guidelines in accordance with AML/CFT legislation. It is our goal to provide custom build solutions that fits the identity of the business. We can assist in AML/CFT fields like:

  • Setting up a Business Risk Assessment
  • Drafting AML/CFT policy`s and manuals
  • Assist in performing (Enhanced) Customer Due Diligence
  • Create Know Your Customer (KYC) profiles of clients
  • Implementing (client/transaction) risk profiles
  • PEP/Sanctionlist checks
  • And much more

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A quick scan provides a global evaluation, in which the most important opportunities, bottlenecks and improvement points on AML/CFT risks are identified. The results of the quick scan can lead to a more extensive analysis. The direct implementation of quick wins that are found can also be a first follow-up step.

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A service provider must be assured that his company has effective procedures and measures in place to counter AML/CFT risks. To ensure the effectiveness of AML/CFT-procedures, legislation requires and independent review on a regular basis. It is of importance that the Compliance Auditor is completely independent in order to perform their role effectively.

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Service providers should carry out periodic evaluations in order to assess whether and to what extent they are vulnerable to money laundering and terrorist financing because of their business activities. A risk assessment is the process of identifying, understanding and evaluating potential hazards in the business operations concerning AML/CFT vulnerability. Based on the risk assessment findings, procedures can be implemented to mitigate these risks.

The policy provides information about the organization, staff and AML/CFT-training program that has to be implemented within the organization. Based on the outcome of the Business Risk Assessment, all relevant client acceptance and reporting procedures should be incorporated in the AML/CFT Manual. We can help you set up a customized policy and manual that fits your organizational identity and meets AML/CFT laws and regulations.

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We can help you establish Know Your Customer (KYC) profiles based on our broad knowledge about risk assessments, combined with our previous experience in law enforcement combined with expertise in identity and document fraud prevention. Our Customer Due Diligence is performed in a way that suits your organization best.

If your firm has clientele from around the world, our Global-Check program can help your organization to mitigate risk. This service monitors emerging risks, covering 240 countries worldwide. Caribbean IDentity has the ability to screen your customer or business relation through our Global-Risk-Check (GRC) program on:

  • International sanction lists
  • PEP monitoring
  • Anti- money laundering
  • Countering the financing of terrorism
  • Anti- bribery and corruption
  • Organized crime
  • Third party risk

Global-Risk-Check is designed to alert you on possible risks and situations where further scrutiny may be appropriate.

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