AuthentiScan STANDARD allows you to scan and verify nearly all national and international ID documents (ICAO) on authenticity. Checking ID documents is easy: simply place the document on the passport reader and the system automatically performs checks to make sure the document is genuine.

STANDARD features

  • World leading ID document authentication
  • 9 security feature checks
  • Automatic retrieval, export and storage of the ID document/RFID chip data
  • Extensive audit report
  • Access to ID Expert Helpdesk
  • PEP and SANCTION list check (optional)
  • GDPR compliant

AuthentiScan STANDARD performs automated checks on a variety of features like, Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), UV, B900 Ink (ICAO required) along with more additional checks like, biometric photo comparison and a cross reference check against PEP and SANCTION lists.

The system supports efficient data processing; users are able to save, print, export and share data, allowing it to be used in other programs and processes.

For more information about AuthentiScan STANDARD as well as an extensive overview of the automated checks performed by STANDARD, contact our Sales Department or download our brochure.