AuthentiScan PREMIUM offers additional features for more extensive ID document authentication as well as the capability to process a wide variety of other documents on authenticity. Our highly reliable solution performs broad-based verification technology and processes checks of 40+ automated checks on documents.

PREMIUM features

  • Fully automated authentication of ID documents
  • Fully automated authentication of other documents like:
    • Non ICAO compliant documents;
    • Driving licenses;
    • Documents with bar codes and electronic chips.
  • 40+ security feature checks
  • Automatic retrieval, export and storage of the ID document data and RFID chip data.
  • Extensive audit report
  • Acces to ID Expert Helpdesk
  • PEP and SANCTION list check (optional)
  • GDPR compliant

For more information about AuthentiScan PREMIUM as well as an extensive overview of the automated checks performed by PREMIUM, contact our Sales Department or download our brochure.